Nothing changes

if you change nothing...

Fit 4 Her virtual studio is more than just a repetitive DVD or a typical online workout space. It’s a family of real women of all ages & fitness levels, working out together. Rep by rep, move by move, overcoming challenges, building strength & gaining the confidence to take on the daily battles life can throw at us. It’s an escape from your everyday routine just for YOU. I understand that life isn’t perfect & that perfect bodies don’t happen overnight. This is for real people, who want real results & are willing to put in the effort. No more repetitive DVD’s, no more gym memberships, no more guessing. We are in this together, as a team & no one is left behind. I will push you outside of your comfort zone every single day utilizing different training techniques. My goal is to get you in the best shape of your life, to FEEL better and MOVE better; while enjoying every minute!


Only $149

(regular $300/month)

The Art of Persuasion book
What To Expect...
  • Personalized Workout Program 
  • Personalized Meal Plan & Supplementation Suggestions 
  • Recipes 
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • LIVE WORKOUTS  for ALL fitness levels! 
  • NEW monthly Fit 4 Her HIIT, LISS & Steady State Cardio that are quick, challenging and FUN: home and gym workouts. 
  • Fit 4 Her mindset and habit tools to shift your habits, thoughts and behaviours. 
  • Accountability and Structure
  • Full access to Fit 4 Her Insiders community and connections